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The Next Level of Customer Experience

Priya Elango, a proud owner of Rosan Pay Pink Charm and KBC customer used her new contactless payment wearable for the first time at a bakery in Leuven. In her vlog, Priya talks about her experience of shopping without cash or a wallet. In fact, from now on she leaves those traditional ways of payment at home.

Moreover, Priya surprised the bakery’s owners as well – a customer paying with contactless jewelry was a completely new experience for them too. They were equally excited. The same day at another shop a girl from the next counter came running towards Priya to check out what she was doing. Contactless payment went smooth and without issues at both places.

Rosan Pay is proud to help customers make their payments easier, secure, and in style.

Thank you, Madhavan Elango for sharing this great story.

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